mico pizzeria

The World's Only Multi-Product Micro Pizzeria

Slices Micro Pizzeria is the only vending machine in the world to offer a full menu of freshly baked pizza, pasta, calzones, salads and sandwiches. Slices Micro was created to take advantage of today's technology, yet also take into consideration today's lack of labor force. Slices Micro will transform the traditional pizzeria into a food technology company.

Slices Micro Pizzeria uses robotic, sensor and AI technology to select an item, calibrate the smart oven, and freshly bake each item at the time of purchase. The result is the ability to give our customers fresh, restaurant quality food at any time of the day or night. Our cloud-based technology allows us to monitor each Slices Micro on a minute-by-minute basis and assemble items easily to replace those that have already been sold that day. We can refill multiple times a day depending o sales and item demand.

Slices Micro Pizzeria contains the technology to custom bake a wide variety of artisan meals on demand using a combination of infrared, convection, and microwave technology. Based on market demographics and consumer demand, we can easily select menu items that are most popular with our clientele at each individual micro pizzeria.